Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar with Sensor

The Boundery Motion Glo™ Light Bar is a battery-operated, motion-activated LED light that can be placed anywhere in or around your home. Because it's battery powered, it is easy to install almost anywhere you want to add accent lighting, making it easier than ever to get the custom look you want at an affordable price.

Product Details

  • 10 ultra-bright LED lights are embedded inside each Motion Glo Light Bar
  • Durable and stylish with a high-end fit and aluminum alloy finish
  • Motion Glo Light Bar length: 7.25 inches wide, 1.1" tall, 0.5" thick
  • Automatic motion sensor turns on automatically, and only when motion is detected in the dark, sensing motion within 120 degrees at a range within 3 meters (10 feet)
  • Automatically turns off 15-17 seconds after you walk away
  • Provides emergency lighting during power outages
  • Can be used as a motion-activated nightlight for children or adults who wake during the night
  • Perfect for early morning or late night activity when you need to see what you are doing without waking the rest of the household
  • Battery powered using 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • No special wiring required
  • Detachable design allows for quick mounting without the use of tools
  • No screws, nuts, nails, hammers, screwdrivers, or drills required


How do I replace the batteries in the lights?

Slide the battery receptacle plate off of the end of the unit using your thumbs, exposing the battery compartment. Insert 4 new AAA batteries. Refer to the battery image on the side of the unit to see correct battery orientation. Slide the receptacle plate back into place; ensure it is secured and batteries are not exposed.

How do I use the Motion Glo Light Bar?
  • The Motion Glo Light Bar attaches to your preferred surface using either the included magnet strip or adhesive strip.
  • To the use the magnetic strip attachment, peel the protective plastic coating from the adhesive side of the strip and firmly attach it to the back of the unit (on the metal side of the Motion Glo Light Bar), with the magnetic side facing out. You are now ready to attach the magnet to any magnetic surface. You will easily be able to detach the entire unit to change the batteries when needed.
  • To use the adhesive strip attachment, make sure that the magnetic side is firmly attached to the unit itself. The back of the unit is metal, so the magnet will stick to it. Then peel the protective plastic coating from the other side of the strip, and firmly attach it to your preferred surface (such as underneath a wooden cabinet). Press firmly to ensure that the adhesive is completely secured to your preferred surface. You will easily be able to detach the unit from the magnet to change the batteries when needed; the adhesive strip will remain attached to the surface it was originally attached to (such as underneath the wooden cabinet).
Are they only motion-activated, or do they have an ON/OFF switch so they can stay on?

The Motion Glo Light Bar is only motion-activated; there is no ON/OFF switch.

Do they work in the daytime?

No, the Motion Glo Light Bar is meant to light your way in the dark. It senses both motion and light/dark. It stays off during the daytime, and only lights up at night when the motion sensor detects motion.

What is the is its Lumen rating?

Each light contains 10 SMD ("Suface Mounted Device") LEDs. Each of the 10 SMDs has 25 Lumens, providing a total of 250 Lumens of light.

What is the lighting temperature (warm, soft, cool or daylight)?

It is cool light

What is the lifespan of the unit?

The LED lifespan is 100,000 hours.

How long do the batteries last?

Under normal usage, average battery life is approximately 30 days

See our How to Use the Motion Glo Light Bar

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