Big Block Floodlight

The Big Block Battery-Operated Utility Worklight is a portable, lightweight, LED, ultra-bright, work light that is rugged, durable, completely waterproof and provides the broad-area lighting you need without having to be plugged in. It's perfect for workshops, car repair, construction, camping, hiking, outdoor activities and emergency situations.

  • 5-WATT Ultra-Bright LEDs, with an output of 500 lumens
  • LED Lifespan = 10,000 Hours
  • 3 light mode adjustments
  • Lights up a distance of 25 meters in front of you
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Battery life = about 4 hours on the highest setting, depending on the batteries used
  • Weight = 10 ounces (with batteries installed)
  • Airtight, water and dust resistant
  • Rugged and durable, high-grade ABS molded, PA Nylon and rubber casing
  • 180 degree rotating handle to hold the light, hang it from a hook, or use it as a kickstand
  • Lightweight, portable and compact, easy to carry
  • Adjustable built in kick-stand allows for angled light and doubles as a convenient handle or hook

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