Non-Warranty Replacement Discount

The Non-Warranty Replacement Discount allows us to send you a replacement order for 50% OFF the cost of your original purchase.
It is available for use one-time only to replace non-warrantied orders that become defective after our standard 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and is available for up to 1 year post-purchase.

Your purchase qualifies for the Non-Warranty Replacement Discount IF:
  • you have purchased a Boundery product,
  • did NOT purchase the Lifetime Warranty,
  • find that your product fails AFTER the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee window has passed,
  • AND the date of failure is less than 1 year post-purchase (aka, it has been less than one year since you purchased the product).

If you elect to take advantage of this option, we will create a replacement order for you, and will send you an invoice for 50% OFF of that new order. Once you have paid that invoice, we will issue the replacement order.
Please contact Customer Service at info@boundery.comand include "Non-Warranty Replacement Discount Requested" in the subject line.

Please remember to include the following information when you contact us:
  • Your original order number
  • Your full name used when placing the original order
  • Your phone number used when placing the original order
  • Your email address used when placing the original order

*Please note that the Non-Warranty Replacement Discount is only available for up to one year post-purchase; no replacements are provided for defective product after one year from the date of purchase, unless the Lifetime Warranty was purchased.

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